Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why This Blog Is Going on Hiatus

For a long time now, I've known this blog would be going on an official hiatus. Unfortunately, I didn't post anything here for two months while I tried to determine the reasons so I could communicate them. I was afraid any reasons I assigned too quickly might not be the real, underlying truth.

Here are the real, underlying, honest reasons. This is why I'm parking the car, getting out, and walking for a while, even though it's kind of dark out there.

1. I pour much effort into monthly posts for two worthy blogs every month, each requiring several hours' work over a few days. (Yes, writing is work!) I like contributing to those blogs, so those contributions will remain a reality as long as I'm wanted. My best insights, thinking, and creativity also go into those posts, leaving not much else for this blog. One blog is devotional in nature; the other is for writers. (If you'd like to read what I and others write on those blogs, please do. They are The Glorious Table and Hoosier Ink.)

This personal blog should be the perfect place for anything else I want to share, which was my intent, but . . .

2. Although I don't think the click-through stats for this blog are atrocious, no one's ever going to say I have a "platform." The number of followers (people who sign up to receive posts by email) are fairly nonexistent. Likes on Facebook and Twitter? Not so much. Shares? Really not so much. Frankly, that is both naturally discouraging and helpfully telling. Telling in that at the very least, my posts don't contain information or insights meaningful to many others, and they certainly don't stand out among the many competing posts and memes and what have you. (This is common for bloggers. I'm not upset about it, but I do need to do the
work of considering these realities and act accordingly.)

3. My writing time, such as it is with a full-time editing/writing business I love and some volunteer editing, is calling me to write more than blog posts. Novels, a book of devotionals, and short stories all twirl around in my head, usually at 2:00 a.m., and they need to come out sooner than later. Feel free to encourage me in this, as a few have. Feel free to encourage every writer you can!

So there you have it. Thanks for listening and reading, especially the friends and family who have done so. And perhaps in a few weeks or months, I'll have an update right here---a new plan, a new focus, or a new resolve.

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