Saturday, January 02, 2016

First, Regroup

“Let’s regroup.” 

My husband and I often say this, sometimes in the middle of a hectic day, sometimes when longer-term plans have gone awry and a new path must be laid.  But it’s always necessary after the holidays when routines have gone AWOL. 

The observances, celebrations, events, and gatherings are fun and meaningful, but all that activity is not sustainable unless you are one of those people who can only thrive with almost nonstop activity—planned and unplanned—from sunup to sundown.

I am not one of those people. 

And before I can plan for a new year, I must first regroup. Recreate some predictability and space for work and interests. Sweep away what can keep me from dreaming and contemplating and making decisions. 

Regrouping might sound like making New Year resolutions, and, sure, I have some of those: better habits for good health, listening to more music, reading more books, more time with friends and family and striving to be generally more “other centered” despite my introverted ways. This is a great time for the adding on and the letting go of a fresh start.

But for today, first, regrouping. Saying goodbye to the last of the holiday leftovers and putting away Christmas decorations. Taking deep breaths. Finding a quiet heart and mind and soul. Seeking warmth and wisdom and the stillness that helps me know God. Preparing to look ahead.

Then I am ready to say, "Welcome, new year. I am looking forward to you. Let's get started."

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