Thursday, August 06, 2015

Square Pegs, Round Holes

Trying to get square pegs into round holes? Take writing, for instance. 

Sometimes I start writing one set of thoughts and veer off into another. Soon I am struggling, trying to write a square peg into a round hole: the portal to my original, hoped-for destination. It’s a hot mess.

The sooner I realize my folly, the better. Because as soon as I have the square peg in my hands, so to speak, I am already fond of it. I hate to sacrifice it just because it doesn't fit. It has crept in for a reason, after all. 

So I twist and pound and maneuver, trying to make the peg fit anyway. But I am getting nowhere but to a place of discouragement. Now my task is more about extricating that jammed peg than about getting through the round hole. 

Life can be full of square pegs jammed into round holes, times when we find ourselves pounding 
·         a square peg of selfishness into a round hole of relationship

·         a square peg of foolishness into a round hole of wisdom

·         a square peg of misguided ambition into a round hole of calling

·         a square peg of shame into a round hole of forgiveness  

But if we keep jamming in going-nowhere, ill-fitting pegs like these in the shape of hard-edged, unforgiving squares, how will we ever move through the perfectly round, God-designed portal to where we are supposed to be? 

Through you we push back our enemies. 
Psalm 44:5 NIV

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