Friday, July 10, 2015

When Writing Is One of the Keys to, Well, Writing

Though writing a book is not in the cards for me yet, and most of my writing is for clients, I still like to write for me. I write for this blog and I am getting into contributing to a couple of other blogs too. Still, I can get busy freelancing or be otherwise distracted and go too long without writing for me, and then writing for me seems, well, harder than I expected it to be. 

Now, writing, I’ll mention in case you didn’t know, is work. Someone who says writing is not work if you love to do it and are good at it would probably also say cooking is not work if you love to do it and are good at it. I think most cooks would beg to differ. I don’t cook, but I would differ.

Charles Dickens**
Writing. Cooking. Both work.

I am sure there is a heap of psychology to cover this issue. But I don’t have time for that. I only know that when I work through the work of writing to get to the love of writing, I find . . .

·         The next piece comes a little bit easier.
·         I realize—again—that I can be good at it (notice I did not say flawless or even excellent, but good). After all, people like to do what they are good at and they also like to get better at it.
·         I am thrilled to have written!
·         I want to write more. 

Is this concept, writing as a key to writing, profound? Not so much. Or maybe. And you can find versions of this advice all over the World Wide Web, or maybe in Psychology 101 textbooks. 

I’m just sharing that this week I did some writing. It not only felt good but it made me want to write more. Writing = writing = light bulb going off in head about writing. Huh!


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