Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Power of Fix, Big and Small

This post, now slightly edited,  first appeared on a former blog in November 2011.

There is power in fix, as in a fix for what is askew, annoying, stifling, or just plain wrong. Especially wrong. 

This concept came home to me when I heard what an HGTV designer said to a teary-eyed homeowner whose eyesore kitchen with a miserable layout, lack of storage and workspace, and cantankerous appliances had been weighing on her for years. Her homemaking and hospitality gifts had been difficult to live out in such a place. Seeing her new kitchen, courtesy of TV ratings, overwhelmed her. She was even shaking, leaning on her husband for support. 

Extreme reaction, you say? Yes, I know many, many people in the world don't have anything close to a kitchen or even enough food. My point is how this woman felt and what the designer said to her. She told her she understood how it feels for something difficult to be fixed, that there is power in something ugly in your life made beautiful.

I thought about what she meant by that and how true it is. Think about it. Many times we let a situation or circumstance that can be fixed hang on—everything from a missing button that keeps us from wearing an item of clothing, to lending a hand to someone who just needs a little help, to the wrong job that perhaps can be traded in for something more suited to us.

What keeps us from making a difference with a word, a kindness, a brave move, or five minutes sewing on a button? Yes, when it comes to "big," it could be a big barrier, like the lack of funds for the mom and her kitchen on HGTV. But when it comes to "not all that big," it could be our own laziness or indifference or cluelessness. Ouch.

Think of the last time someoneor even you—fixed something askew in your life, big or small. How did you feel? Grateful? Happy? Relieved? Unburdened? Beautiful? Yeah, that. That's the power of fix.

Not everything "ugly" can be repaired, eliminated, made beautiful. But here is a thank you to everyone who ever showed its power to me. (God started it, of course. He's known for it. Talk about power . . .)

But I don't think I'm getting a brand-new kitchen, am I? No, I didn't think so. 


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