Thursday, March 19, 2015

When It's Time to Let Go

Almost three a half years ago we moved from Western Michigan, where we had lived for twenty-five years, back to Central Indiana, where we attended school and lived for the first eight years of our marriage. It’s also the area where most of our family lives (if you don't count our Texas family!). 

And for three and a half years I have lived a dual Facebook and Twitter life by following Western Michigan newspapers and TV stations as if I never left.

You know what? It’s too much. Too much information. It’s been nice to know how the weather is up there for my friends, how frozen the Big Lake got this winter, what new buildings are going up, what new park is being developed, what’s new with ArtPrize . . . I can envision places and events, remembering our good life there. But I don't need to live in two places, not on any level. 

Worse, I also see all the bad news any community reports. The crime, the controversy, the political problems . . . we here in Central Indiana get enough of all that from our communities. I don’t need the dual infusion of distressful, local news.  

So I am letting those news sources go, “unliking” them, unfollowing them. I am still, gratefully, connected to my Western Michigan friends, and we are taking a vacation at my beloved Lake Michigan this summer. But a person can live and engage and grow in only one place at a time. And for me, right now, that’s here.

Letting go is hard, isn't it? A relationship, a job, a place you love. When I was growing up, we moved for my dad's job every four or five years. The worst move for me was when I was fifteen and actually felt the "giving up." But as adults, we are better able to determine when it's time to let go. And when it's time to let go, or maybe past time, it's time.

What are you holding on to though it's time to let go?


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