Monday, March 23, 2015

In Need of Rest

Today is blog post day, but I've got nothing. 

All the partially written posts, all the ideas in a list, all the "472 Prompts for Your Blog" articles seem empty today.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been under the weather the last few days. 

Maybe it's because I have some other goals on my mind.

Maybe it’s because today is my day to not even be close to perfect.

Maybe it doesn’t matter why. 

Maybe it just is.

Why are we so hard on ourselves when we don't meet a goal, accomplish, move forward? Why do we sometimes think we have GOT to do it all, that we have GOT to do it right?  Maybe not all the time, but too often for our own good.

I think today is my day to give it a rest. Maybe I didn't have nothing. Maybe this was the something.

Do you need rest today?


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