Thursday, January 01, 2015

No “Big Dream” for 2015? Me Neither.

For days now, loads—loads, people—of tweets and posts on social media have been focused not only on making New Year resolutions but on following “big dreams.” Average people, famous people, mega-blogger people—so many seem to think the realization of a big dream (or at least making progress on one) is not only worthy of pursuit in 2015 (and, sure, it is) but it is the ideal person who has one in the first place.Without a big dream, how will you know where you are going?
I think making resolutions around January 1 has some pitfalls, so I don’t do it. But these following-your-big-dream encouragements threw me—because I, uh, don’t have a big dream. I tried to drum one up. Nothing. Surely there is one lurking about someplace, I thought. Nothing.
What? Am I too old now to have a big dream? Uh, I don’t think so. But come to think of it, have I ever had a huge, spectacular, beyond-enough-adjectives-for-it dream? Or am I a lazy, settle-for-mediocrity, pretty-much dreamless person? Am I missing some dream-making marker in my genetic make-up? How will I know where I am going without a big dream? 
Wait. Has God decided I am not big-dream material?
Then I thought, Ah ha! But I have little dreams! They must count for something. 
And I think they do. I won’t share them today. For now I just want to let you know I think it’s okay if you don’t have a big dream either. Little dreams count. Little dreams, I am sure you have. Little dreams can be nurtured too, and maybe . . . maybe grow into a big dream. The good news is that God knows what He is doing with our dreams—big and small—even if we don't. That makes sense when we realize we are not the dream-maker He is anyway.
Without a “big” dream for 2015? It’s okay. Dream on anyway. Work on them anyway. It does not matter if they are little. Every little dream realized can contribute to a great new year. 
Share one of your little dreams in a comment, if you like. Better yet, write about it!

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