Monday, November 17, 2014

When Life’s Puzzles Don’t Make Sense

When faced with a life puzzle that doesn’t make sense, I sometimes feel certain the missing pieces that will make all my doubts and questions disappear are available to me. Even without a picture on the puzzle box lid, I have worked hard to fit together all the puzzle pieces God has given me, and when the picture seems incomplete, I look for, ask for, maybe even demand the pieces that will clear up the confusion. After all, God wants me to completely understand what picture He’s going for, right?

When will I learn?

Outside my puzzle’s borders is the big picture with all the answers, but that big picture belongs to God, not me. He asks me to acknowledge, depend upon, and rest in the truth that He loves me and He is in control, not to expect more pieces to the puzzle. Then whatever happens, He asks me to acknowledge, depend upon, and rest in the truth that He loves me and He is in control. Bookend instructions.

It’s that simple and easy, and that hard and scary, that profound and mind-blowing. Though God has placed wonderful and miraculous pieces of beauty and blessing in our lives, it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking we can work any puzzle we don’t understand into the big picture we want to see. 

In the trying, that’s not praise. That’s not trust. That’s not rest. That’s not love. In the trying, we are robbed of peace. It’s not that God doesn’t understand our longing to understand; I believe He does. He will show us the big picture someday. The day, however, is not for us to decide. And so, we must leave the puzzle in His hands.

What puzzle are you working today?

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