Monday, October 06, 2014

Whereupon I Reflect on Jane Eyre's Wardrobe

Somewhere between Miranda and Jane

Parts of this post first appeared on my former blog, bloomthink, on September 15, 2012. 

Last week I posted a lament about how most heroines in books seem to have outstanding, practically award-winning wardrobes. Even nemeses to our heroines, like Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada, seem to go way beyond anything I can pull off. Well, okay, that’s an extreme example. But Jane Eyre is not what I'm going for either.

All I can tell you is that I have yet to find a heroine who reflects everything I go through each fall. And if Jane Eyre did not have to build a twenty-first century, American wardrobe, that was a bright spot in her life as far as I am concerned.

Here's the process:

I drag out my fall/winter wardrobe and sort it. The categories are:
·         Items I will not wear again, usually traced to A Mistake in the First Place
·         Items I will make myself wear again, Because It Would Be Wasteful Not To
·         Items I don't mind wearing again, Because I Think I Sort Of Look Good in Them
·         Items I could wear again If I Had Anything to Go with Them

Now I have to make a list, which includes incredibly helpful specifics like:
·         More of what I already have and Think I Sort of Look Good In
·         None of the items that were A Mistake in the First Place
·         Something possibly, remotely In Style This Season
·         What would make it possible to wear the items I would If I Had Anything to Go with Them

This stage takes courage and resolve. Because I don’t like to shop online for clothes, I endure in-store shopping horrors.
·         Inconvenient Sweat - No matter how lightly I dress, I’m too warm. The people who control these things think no air conditioning is required if the temperatures outside dip below 80 degrees on a September day. They are so wrong.
·         The Not In Dilemma – Not in my size, not in my color, not in my price range. I could start shopping for fall clothes in May and this would still happen.
·         Dressing Room Mirrors – You think I’m going to say these mirrors make us look horrible. Yes, they do. But they also sometimes make us look good to trick us into buying what turns out to be A Mistake in the First Place.

I think I’ll just buy a couple more bathrobes this year for my work-at-home attire and otherwise manage with what I already have. Do I care if people recognize me from afar simply because I wear the same two outfits everywhere I go? Didn't Jane's life turn out okay?
If only I could be sure of finding bathrobes that are in style this season.

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