Thursday, October 02, 2014

Book Heroines with Lovely Wardrobes Do Not Reflect My Life. You?

Fall. Fashion. Failure?
Unlike the fictional wardrobe-challenged Bridget Jones, for example, most book heroines seem to have lovely and precious wardrobes, with appropriate attire for every occasion and no struggle with, shall we say, fit. Even the women with limited means somehow manage to place a simple but clean, crisp, and fresh white blouse and dark skirt or slacks upon their slender frames, regardless of age, and catch the eye of an attractive stranger, neighbor, or good-guy alien from outer space. The most, uh, noteworthy (not that I am feeling any negativity toward them) are the ones with eye-catching matching accessories. 

My husband is probably thrilled when I don't wear socks that clash with my pink bathrobe.
It's as if they have a fairy godmother with one of those magical wands, not Cinderella sparkly and flashy maybe, but so effective that clothes are not of much concern to our heroine (or even hero). Or they are pioneer women like Ma Ingalls,  who make their serviceable yet appealing clothes because resourceful and slender is their game. 

This is not my life. Clothes, I believe, were a splendid idea all around, especially when fashion evolved way beyond fig leaves. But the process of crafting a wardrobe at the change of seasons makes me wish for the days of ancient Grecian tunics, or maybe back to the Wilma Flintstone style if we want to be fancy and don't mind a little leg. 

If this is how your life rolls, seamless (pun intended) wardrobe successes of a literary heroine, we might not be able to be friends. For those of you challenged like me, I will review my process for getting through the seasonal chore of building at least an adequate American wardrobe in my next post. I've written about this before, and sadly, updates will be minimal.

Readers, do you ever envy the wardrobes of heroines in books? Do you sometimes find them unrealistic?

Writers, do you enjoy describing clothing or find it a challenge?

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