Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little Bits of Happiness

Not long ago I toured a museum with a wide array of gems from all across the globe. I didn't know what many of them were simply by looking at them. If I saw one on a sidewalk, especially one that seemed quite small, I would probably walk on by without a thought.  

The museum, however, beautifully displays every gem, no matter its size or how commonly it is found. No matter if it is rough or cut. And most gleam under the lights that have been placed to highlight their intricacies and splendor.

They are like little bits of happiness. 

The older I get, the more I understand I should not overlook or, worse, ignore little bits of happiness. Recognizing them is not only important for my well-being but one way to tell God I am paying attention. Even when life seems good, howeverperhaps especially when life seems goodI can miss those little bits. I am too busy or too distracted or, as with the gem on a sidewalk, too clueless to see them.
So like Ann Voskamp’s experience shared in her book One Thousand Gifts, like friends taking up thankfulness challenges on Facebook, I am trying to not let little bits of happiness go without proper notice. I want to experience them fully, celebrate them, and then, especially, be intentionally grateful for them.

Isn’t happiness nothing without gratitude at its side? 

·         A hug from a grandchild. I am grateful. 
·         A kind word from a client or author. I am grateful.
·         Time with a dear friend . . . two days in a row. I am grateful.
·         Lyrics in a song or quotes from a book that speak to me. I am grateful.
·         Learning that what I have to offer as a volunteer meets a need. I am grateful.
·         The smell of freshly brewed coffee. I am grateful. 
·         The flowers still blooming outside my office window in mid-September. I am grateful.

And then I ask myself  . . . Are these little bits of happiness so little after all? I think not.

For readers and writers, read One Thousand Gifts. Now.

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