Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Should a Discouraged Writer/Person Do? (Hint: Think "Ant")

It's ridiculous, I know. Maybe even sad. But I am prone to rather sudden discouragement. Everything can be just fine, splendid. Then one little, tiny, on-the-negative-side thing can happen and I feel blue, down, dragging. Fortunately, something nice can then pick me right up off the floor. If this is a truly psychological disorder, please do not tell me. That would, I think, prove the first half of this equation.

When writers become truly discouraged, however, they might be tempted to Q-U-I-T! (I know; I've done it.) Maybe it seems almost no one thinks what they write is anything unique, no one comments on or “likes” their blog posts, their goals suddenly seem unreachable and unrealistic. 

What to do? Think (and pray) about why you are writing, about whether you are on the right track to build toward and eventually satisfy your specific goals (though it’s taking a long time)? Yes. Research what you can do about it if you are not on the right track? Yes, all that. The Internet alone can lead you to a multitude of inspirational and practical helps and opportunities (from assessment tools to joining a writers' group or attending a writers' conference).

But try this too. Really. You can’t go wrong with the “High Hopes” rubber tree plant song, a nice, pick-me-up ditty that will make you smile, sung by Laverne and Shirley (here) or Frank Sinatra and a bunch of kids (here). Sing along, enjoy, take heart, renew your high hopes!  

You are a writer, and you can keep going!

For writers, what have you proactively done to work through a time of discouragement?

For readers, other than buy their books, what can you do to encourage authors, such as on Facebook or Twitter?

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