Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rainstorm Love (or Did Someone Leave the Cake Out in the Rain?)

I especially love gentle summer rainstorms like we had in Central Indiana yesterday. 

For me, they particularly generate a welcome indoor coziness for writing and reading (and yes, editing). Lighting not usually on in daytime hours creates a comforting glow. And the showier storms give us some of God's best orchestrated background music—low thunder rumbles and the hypnotic sound of raindrops splashing against our windows.  

Storms with sustained downpours and lightning can cause serious damage, and the perils of floods, lightning bolts, or even someone leaving the cake out in the rain offer the kind of adventure and angst we often love to see in books and movies. (A cake left out in the rain? See "MacArthur Park," originally recorded by Richard Harris long, long before he was the first Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films.) 

But it is the gentle rainstorm that can be appreciated for the romance they inspire in writers. Come on, don't you think most romance-laced novels were written at least in part during a rainstorm? And can't you right now name a memorable "and they stood in the rain" scene in a film? Tell me what it is, or just leave a comment about your own rainstorm love.

For readers, what's your choice for the most memorable "in the rain" scene from a book or film, possibly based on a book? (This scene from Sweet Home Alabama comes to my mind!)

For writers, have you written a passage or scene that was "in the rain," and was it raining when you wrote it? 


  1. Jerry McGuire. I don't care if it's sappy, that movie is awesome.


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