Saturday, March 10, 2018

A “Spring Forward” Observation—About Knees

Every March Americans lose an hour if they’re compelled to switch to Daylight Saving Time. Many suffer a physical loss of sleep, making the term spring forward anything but pleasant.

My knees don’t think the prospect of springing forward is pleasant either. They think springing in any direction is a physical nightmare. Oh, they can stroll, saunter, and meander like champs, especially along a sea or lake shore. They propel me down crowded grocery store and theater aisles fast enough to avoid annoying speedy twentysomethings. They assist me as I wander in parking lots, looking for the car that must have moved itself while I was gone. They even hustle at a reasonable rate when I’m as late as Wonderland’s White Rabbit—maybe because I forgot to reset the time on my watch.

Yet these knees have issues, and they don’t keep me guessing about their feelings. They creak and groan. Sometimes they refuse to work at all when I first command they do their job. Stairs and bleachers are enemies; high curbs are street monsters. Forcing my knees to hike up a rocky, hillside path would be unnecessarily cruel. They don’t go bowling and they don’t play tennis. My attempting deep-knee bends would be unwise. Who would lift me without complaint once I was down there? Not these knees!

Springing, especially—as in leaping, jumping, bounding, or hurling—requires knees in a condition mine have lost.

I’m ecstatic that my own springtime clock adjustment doesn’t require getting on my knees. I might pray for patience, strength, and endurance while I was down there, but my knees and I would probably miss church the next day—not because I forgot to change the time on my alarm clock, but because I disregarded my physiological reality.

Make us spring forward in time if you must, O Powers That Be, but I beg you, leave my spring-challenged knees alone.

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Friday, March 09, 2018

What’s Been Going On with My Writing? I’ll Tell You.

It's been more than seven months since I put this blog on hiatus.  

Oh, I’ve been writing. Commitments have stretched out a hand, and I've gladly delivered.

I wrote the latest of my total twenty-six published posts for the Hoosier Ink blog, and I wrote the latest of my total twenty-eight published posts for the Glorious Table blog. I’ve also written some posts for those two blogs to be published later this spring. I wrote three published devotionals for my church, and a few short pieces for my writers’ group. When an editing project also requires some writing, I'm there. When I'm hired to write, it's done. 

All that might not sound like much personal writing, at least not much new writing, but it’s worked for me. And it is work. That writing has kept me challenged and on deadline, and it’s fulfilled me. Besides, alongside my work as a freelance editor and writer, I’ve been reading and rereading books on writing, posts on writing, and actual writing—books, articles, whatever. I’ve been deep into the world of writing, in my own way.  

I haven’t regretted the personal blog hiatus…well, not much. Nor do I regret taking my time—years, now—to decide how I want and when I want to further step up my personal creative writing. But sometimes I do feel guilty about it. 

Writing, for the most part, is a solitary life. Yet other writers chime in when I let them, insisting they know what’s what. To be a real writer, they say, you must write daily, write even when you don’t feel like it, and forget writing if you don’t feel compelled to write as much as you feel compelled to sneeze when pepper goes up your nose. I fail in all those respects. (They also sometimes say you’re making excuses if you fail those tests, but if I were making excuses, I wouldn't be writing for public reading at all.) 

Those writers, of course, are only trying to encourage, but I never feel encouraged by the negative. If you want to encourage me, please, say something positive. 


What I am is me. What I am is what I think God wants me to be right now. 

Have I sometimes felt guilty for not getting on with it? Yes.  

Is my quest moving me closer to walking down a stepped-up personal writing path right for me? Yes. I’m getting there. Are you tired of hearing about it? Of course you are! But you asked, didn't you? 

So that’s it, in case you really did want to know. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog hiatus . . . I think.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why This Blog Is Going on Hiatus

For a long time now, I've known this blog would be going on an official hiatus. Unfortunately, I didn't post anything here for two months while I tried to determine the reasons so I could communicate them. I was afraid any reasons I assigned too quickly might not be the real, underlying truth.

Here are the real, underlying, honest reasons. This is why I'm parking the car, getting out, and walking for a while, even though it's kind of dark out there.

1. I pour much effort into monthly posts for two worthy blogs every month, each requiring several hours' work over a few days. (Yes, writing is work!) I like contributing to those blogs, so those contributions will remain a reality as long as I'm wanted. My best insights, thinking, and creativity also go into those posts, leaving not much else for this blog. One blog is devotional in nature; the other is for writers. (If you'd like to read what I and others write on those blogs, please do. They are The Glorious Table and Hoosier Ink.)

This personal blog should be the perfect place for anything else I want to share, which was my intent, but . . .

2. Although I don't think the click-through stats for this blog are atrocious, no one's ever going to say I have a "platform." The number of followers (people who sign up to receive posts by email) are fairly nonexistent. Likes on Facebook and Twitter? Not so much. Shares? Really not so much. Frankly, that is both naturally discouraging and helpfully telling. Telling in that at the very least, my posts don't contain information or insights meaningful to many others, and they certainly don't stand out among the many competing posts and memes and what have you. (This is common for bloggers. I'm not upset about it, but I do need to do the
work of considering these realities and act accordingly.)

3. My writing time, such as it is with a full-time editing/writing business I love and some volunteer editing, is calling me to write more than blog posts. Novels, a book of devotionals, and short stories all twirl around in my head, usually at 2:00 a.m., and they need to come out sooner than later. Feel free to encourage me in this, as a few have. Feel free to encourage every writer you can!

So there you have it. Thanks for listening and reading, especially the friends and family who have done so. And perhaps in a few weeks or months, I'll have an update right here---a new plan, a new focus, or a new resolve.

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